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What Event Organizers Say

What event organizers and hosts have to say about working with Patti. 

"Patti does her research and comes prepared. After seeing her speak at SXSW, we were happy to invite her to moderate a panel discussion. Her thoughtful questions and command as a moderator helped make for a well-rounded conversation leaving DIY Musician Conference attendees with plenty to consider. "

Danielle King, Marketing Manager, CD Baby DIY Musician Conference


"Patti Silverman is a dynamic speaker who engages the audience and bring the best out of the panelists she is moderating. As a speaker at Girl Power! Women working in the Music Industry Conference she brought a wonderful energy and synergy to the panel. She has a true talent for moderating, a skill that is not easy and extremely important in a conference setting." 

Kerry Fiero, Producer, Fiero Flair


"As an expert and leader in the music tech space, we were excited to invite Patti to speak at 2112. Our community was so impressed by Patti's deep knowledge of the industry and ability to communicate in an interactive and entertaining way. I would jump at the chance to have Patti join us again, and highly recommend you book her for your next event!" 

Amor Montes de Oca, Director of Strategic Initiatives, 2112 Incubator


"It was an absolute pleasure having Patti as the moderator for the Play Conference Music and Technology Panel. Her preparation process was incredibly diligent leaving no stone unturned and ensuring that the most relevant topics were covered in the discussion. At the event, she provided deep industry insights and set the tone for a well-balanced and informative conversation."

Clay Anthony, Executive Team, Play Conference


"Working with Patti was a dream. Not only is she highly knowledgeable about all aspects of the Digital Media industry, but she articulates her thoughts and ideas well. Additionally, she is highly responsive and robust in her preparation. Patti also rocks the stage – she is confident, manages time and content well with panelists and really helps bring new discussion to the forefront – this is evidenced by the level of engagement from the audience and the types of questions that follow in the Q & A. I look forward to being able to work with her again soon."

Neha Kumar, Executive Team, Play Conference


"Patti was organized, upbeat and very knowledgeable. Her contribution is one of the main reasons attendees gave the event such a stellar review, and the information she shared was extremely valuable. I would jump at the chance to work with Patti again!" 

Courtney McQuade, Co-Organizer, Event Marketing Rockstars

"Patti was a panelist at the 2014 California Lawyers for the Arts Music Business Seminar. Her perspective was a breath of fresh air, with her forward thinking entrepreneurial lens on the modern music industry. Hers is a voice that musicians need to heed to succeed in the present and future music industry."

Ben Shaw, Head of Events, CLA Music Business Seminar